For Users

IMP provides a system for user convenience.

Operation principle

  • This is the accommodation for those who use the research facility of the Cell Membrane Protein Research Institute, so only users can use the guest house.
  • You can apply for the guest house only through the internet, and it will be assigned in the order you requested.

Guest house usage procedure

1. Application for use
  • Please apply for the guest house 3 days prior to use. However, reservation applications can be made within one month from the date of application. For subsequent reservations, please apply next month.
  • Please use the guest house only for the specified number of people. (Comply with the use of 1 bed per person).
2. Payment of usage fee
  • In the case of bank deposit, please make a payment at least 2 days prior to the date of use after confirmation of allocation.
  • The bill (receipt) will be issued at the administration team office upon receipt of the key. If necessary, please contact the person in charge.
  • Account holder: POSTECH Research and Business Development Foundation (Woori Bank, Account #, 1005-103-673692)
  • When depositing the guest house fee, be sure to deposit with the applicant's name. If the name of the depositor is different, please contact the administration team (054-260-2801).
Division fee
Single room 30,000KRW/night View Image
Double room 40,000KRW/night View Image
(For shared use 20,000 KRW/person
Shared room 4 person-room, 80,000KRW/night View Image
3. Use of guest house
  • During working hours, the administration team will give the key after confirming the person in charge of the experiment and the affiliation. Outside of working hours or on holidays, please pick up your keys at the laboratory control room.
4. Check-out and return keys
  • When leaving the room, be sure to lock the doors and windows of each room.
  • Please check-out by 11 am and return the key to the laboratory control room.
  • If the check-out date is a weekend or a holiday, the key will be returned to the control room return box.
  • If the key is lost, report to the administrative office and take appropriate measures. (Lost fee: 10,000 won)
Guide for using the facilities inside the guesthouse
  • Cooling and heating: It is operated flexibly according to the outside temperature (cooling: June-August / heating: November-February), and temperature control can be individually controlled.
  • -When operating the air conditioner, please double check whether the window is closed.
  • Drinking water: Water purifier installed on each floor
  • Cleaning: The manager is in charge of the cleaning, but the user is responsible for organizing and arranging simple equipment.
  • Toiletries: Towels are provided in the bathroom. Please purchase and use toiletries such as toothbrushes and razors separately.
Guest house safety management and precautions
  • 1. Safety: For an emergency, be sure to check the location of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants.
  • 2. Please do not smoke indoors.
  • 3. In case of an emergency, take initial measures and immediately contact the laboratory control room (Tel. 054-260-2899).
Report complaints
  • If you have any inconvenience in using the guesthouse, please contact the administration team during the day (Tel. 054-260-2801, Email:, and the control room (Tel. 054-260-2899) during the night and on holidays.
IMPavailable online reservation date is from 3days to 60days.