About IMP

Introducing the IMP.

We sincerely welcome your visit to the Institute of Membrane Proteins.

Our laboratories are building an infrastructure that allows us to study the structures of transmembrane proteins. In order to achieve this goal, we are installing high-performance cryo-EM electron microscopes and an antibody screening facility, We are also in the process of hiring experts to support efficient use of this instruments in the membrane protein research. These top-notch equipment are open to researchers in the world. If you need to use them for your research, please contact us. We will provide detailed procedures how to use them.

Our laboratories are not only supporting outside users but also conducting internal research pursuing the elucidation of the structure and activation mechanism of various membrane proteins. Research on membrane proteins play an important role in understanding normal cellular processes and the disease mechanisms. Recent development of cryo-EM and computational modelling technology opened an exciting new era of membrane protein research. Our laboratory will work hard to be a leading player in this research area by working closely with collaborating institutions including Pohang Accelerator Laboratory.

Thank you for visiting our lab.

Jie-Oh Lee, Ph.D.

Director of Institute of Membrane Proteins

Professor of Life Sciences, POSTECH

*This project is supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Gyeongbuk Province and Pohang City.