About IMP

Introducing the IMP.

About Institute of Membrane Proteins

The research institute specializing in the field of cell membrane protein structure is planning to establish an infrastructure to professionally conduct research on the structure of cell membrane protein.

In the future, we will be equipped with a high-performance electron microscope and antibody development facilities, and operate dedicated research personnel to identify high-resolution three-dimensional structures of new drug target cell membrane proteins, and to study activation mechanisms to develop new drug source technologies.

Operation philosophy

As a facility customized for research needs in the field of cell membrane protein structure, it is used as an open and leading research platform.

By developing new structural identification technology in collaboration with an accelerator(3rd and 4th generation light source)and cryo-EM, it creates convergent synergy.

Share lab

A laboratory where facilities and spaces within the institute are assigned for domestic and foreign industry-academia-research organizations (research teams) to build research infrastructure that can collaborate or operate independently.


Various convenient facilities and rest areas for researchers/Researcher-only rest room (shower room/bedroom)

Operation philosophy

Pursuing user-oriented research equipment service/integrating equipment, maximizing joint research, and improving productivity with a 24-hour operating system.


A laboratory that provides versatile structural analysis equipment in one place for internal and external users to use directly for experiments and analysis.